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History Chapter 1 Summary - Robert Wu Chapter 1: New World...

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Robert Wu Chapter 1: New World Beginnings Chapter Summary Period 5 September 3, 2008 The Shaping of North America The geographic features of the continents today can be attributed to nature. It has shaped continents, created looming mountains like the Appalachian Mountains and Rockies, as well as dug out the majestic bodies of water bordering and within North America. Such bodies of water include the Pacific Ocean and the Great Lakes in the north. North America’s geographic components began their formation following the separation of the supercontinent, Pangaea, and continue to form and break down to this day. As Pangaea gradually broke down, the North and South America, Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica also gradually formed into their current positions and forms. Peopling the Americas Not only did the last ice age shape our world, but it also helped populate North America. An accepted theory states that during this ice age, the ocean’s contents condensed into glaciers, revealing a bridge to North America in the Bering Sea. Attracted to migratory game which already crossed the bridge, Native American ancestors followed the game across the bridge. When the ice age ended, the bridge disappeared and these immigrants were believed to be isolated in North America where melting ice revealed an inviting landscape. Over time, the immigrants diversified into tribes with their individual ways and languages. Indian wheat, or maize, played an important role in the growth of the Incas, Mayan,
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History Chapter 1 Summary - Robert Wu Chapter 1: New World...

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