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History Chapter 2 Outline Updated

History Chapter 2 Outline Updated - Chapter 2 The Planting...

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Chapter 2 – The Planting of English America I. England’s Imperial Stirrings a. England’s efforts of New World Colonization in the 1500s were feeble i. England was allied to the Spanish who were the dominant colonizers of the New World at the time ii. Religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics disrupted England in mid century 1. King Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church in the 1530s, starting the Protestant Reformation 2. Elizabeth I made Protestantism the dominant religion in England after she ascended to the English throne in 1558 iii. Religious conflict stressed relations between England and Spain, especially in Ireland 1. The Catholic Irish sought help from Catholic Spain to overthrow Elizabeth but Elizabeth crushed the Irish uprising b/c Spain’s troops did not amount to much in the 1570s and 1580s 2. Elizabeth confiscated Catholic Irish lands and gave them to Protestant landlords in Scotland and England. II. Elizabeth Energizes England a. Queen Elizabeth encouraged English buccaneers i. They sought to promote the twin goals of Protestantism and plunder by seizing Spanish treasure ships and raiding Spanish settlements, even though England and Spain were technically still at peace ii. A famous seadog who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth was Francis Drake b. England’s first two colonization attempts were failures
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i. The first effort, by Sir Humphrey Gilbert, was at Newfoundland ii. The second effort, by brother of Sir Humphrey Gilbert, Sir Walter Raleigh, was North Carolinas Roanoke Island which was named after the “Virgin Queen” but mysteriously vanished c. Phillip II of Spain creates an “Invincible Armada” which he used to invade England in 1588 i. The English defeat the Spanish b/c England had swifter, more maneuverable, and more ably manned ships. ii. The defeat of the Spanish Armada marked the decline of the Spanish empire 1. Within a few decades, the Spanish Netherlands (Holland) would secure their independence 2. Spanish Caribbean would slip from Spain’s grasp 3.
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History Chapter 2 Outline Updated - Chapter 2 The Planting...

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