History Chapter 5 Summary

History Chapter 5 Summary - October 1 2008 US I H GL As the...

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October 1, 2008 US I H GL As the 16 th century progressed, the colonies which included both Blacks and Whites grew in terms of population. This growth caused the number of English settlers in the colonies to fall from 1700 to 1775. By this time, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Maryland were the largest colonies, from biggest to smallest, and Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Charleston were cities where 10% of colonists lived. The colonists harbored many different races with different languages including Protestant, mostly Lutheran, Germans who left the Old World because of religion, a weak economy, and war as well as the Scots-Irish who were Scottish lowlands that traveled to Northern Ireland and then the New World because of religion in the early 1700s. New England and the Middle and Southern colonies are listed from least to the most religious. In the 17 th century, for the most part, America was “a shining land of equality and opportunity” where no nobility or threatening lower class existed and most colonists worked the land as small farmers. Change occurred, beginning in the 1690s to 1700s when a series of battles that required weapons made military suppliers rich. Orphans and widows also resulted from this period and as a result, New York and Philadelphia built almshouses in the 1730’s. Land grew scarce in both New England and South, at least for small farmers, resulting in a larger gap between rich and poor. “Jayle birds” and black slaves further contributed to this inequality. By the late 17
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History Chapter 5 Summary - October 1 2008 US I H GL As the...

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