History Chapter 6 Outline

History Chapter 6 Outline - Chapter 6 The Duel for North...

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Chapter 6 –The Duel for North America I. France Find a Foothold in Canada a. Like England and Holland, France was a latecomer in settling the New World i. The French were involved in civil wars and domestic strife in the 1500s, including clashes between Roman Catholics and Protestant Huguenots ii. On Bartholomew’s Day in 1572, ten thousand Huguenots were butchered in cold blood b. The Edict of Nantes, issued by the crown in 1598, gave the French Protestants limited toleration. Religious wars ceased and King Louis XIV took a deep interest in the New World c. In 1608, the year after Jamestown was founded, King Louis XIV establishes a permanent French colony at Quebec i. A leading figure, Samuel de Champlain allied the French with the nearby Huron Indian tribes and fought off the Iroquois from the upper New York area ii. The Iroquois later thwarted French penetration into the Ohio Valley, sometimes ravaged French settles, and frequently served as the British’s allies against the French d. The government of New France, which was autocratic, fell under the control of the king after commercial companies failed in controlling Canada. The people elected no representative assemblies and did not enjoy the right to trial by jury e. The population of Catholic New France grew at a slow pace i. Landowning French peasants had little economic motive to move ii. Protestant Huguenots might have had an religious motive to migrate but were denied refuge in the raw colony iii. The French government favored their Caribbean island colonies over their New France colony II. New England Fans out a. New France did contain one valuable resource: beaver i. Fur trappers, or “coureurs de bois” ranged over woods and waterways of North America looking for beaver skins ii. French enterprisers recruited Indians in the fur business but Indians were often decimated by white man’s diseases, debauched by his alcohol, and violated religious beliefs by killing beaver by the boatload
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iii. French fur trappers and their Indians partners journeyed to the Great lakes, south of the border of Spanish Texas, and west of the Rockies looking for beaver fur but they extinguished the beaver population in many area and inflicted incalculable ecological damage b. French Catholic missionaries, notably the Jesuits, labored zealously to save the Indians for Christ and from the fur-trappers i. Jesuit missionaries were often tortured at the hand of Indians ii. Although they had few permanent convert, the Jesuits played a vital role as explorers and geographers c. Some French explorer did not sought souls or fur but sought empire i. Antoine Cadillac founded Detroit to thwart English settlers pushing into the Ohio Valley ii. Robert de La Salle floated down the Mississippi to where it mingles with the Gulf of Mexico to check Spanish penetration into the region of the Gulf of Mexico and named the great interior basin “Louisiana” after Louis XIV. He returned to the
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History Chapter 6 Outline - Chapter 6 The Duel for North...

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