History Chapter 7 Summary

History Chapter 7 Summary - Eric Zilber Mr. Riotto October...

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Eric Zilber October 20, 2009 Mr. Riotto AP U.S. History I GL From its establishment, the British North America distinguished itself from England with its customs and government as well as its flexible social structure. This distinction resulted from Republicanism, an idea opposed by aristocrats and authoritarians, and radical Whigs who questioned the power of the monarch and integrity of the ministers in England. Along with the lack of an aristocracy, distance contributed to idea of self-government in the colonies. In the eyes of the British, the colonies existed for the welfare of their mother country England, in a sense that the colonies imported raw materials to Old World where they become manufactured products. As a result, England required less imports and exported more goods, which – according to mercantilism – improved their economic health. Navigation Acts such as the Navigation Act of 1650 that prevented the Dutch from participating in shipping American goods were enforced by England so that Britain could regulate trade to and from the colonies. These acts created a currency problem for the colonies that the colonies attempt to mollify by printing paper money but were quickly prohibited by Parliament. Until 1763,
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History Chapter 7 Summary - Eric Zilber Mr. Riotto October...

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