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History Chapter 9 Supplementry

History Chapter 9 Supplementry - Robert Wu Mr Riotto US I...

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Robert Wu US I GL – AP Mr. Riotto 12/11/08 1- When taking into consideration the anarchy that occurred under the Articles of Confederation, one can conclude that disunity plagued the states due to the weak central government under the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution, in contrast, strengthened the sovereignties and authority of the central government so that it could settle possible conflicts such as boundary conflicts between the states which occurred under the Articles of Confederation. Virginia called a convention at Annapolis because of the short term cause of Shay’s rebellion and long term cause of commerce. Shay therefore deserves some credit as an indirect Founding father. Today, Jefferson would not be able to express his supporting views on rebellion because he would be accused of contributing to a rebellion if one occurred. 2- The Constitution was a democratic document in that it consists of compromises and that the secretive convention where the Constitution was drafted considered the opinion of all delegates. It dealt with three
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