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History Chapter 10 Notes - Philadelphia 1791 Debate over...

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Unit 7 – The Federalist Era (1789 – 1801) 1789 March 4, 1789 – Congress first opened in New York City April 30, 1789 – George Washington inaugurated in Federal hall -Washington assembled the first cabinet – department of state = Thomas Jefferson from Virginia, treasury – Hamilton, war department – Henry Know from Massachusetts, Justice department – Attorney General – Edman Ranoff July 4 th , 1789 – Congress passes first tariff to protect domestic industry September 1789 – Madison shows Bill of Rights to Congress States, Judiciary Act – established 1 Supreme Court, 3 Circuit Courts, 13 district courts for each of the states 1790 January 8, 1790 – Washington delivers 1 st state of the union address to Congress in person 1 st official census – total population = 4,000,000 -760,000 black, 60,000 free blacks -3 largest cities: Philadelphia, New York, Boston (Largest Smallest) Philadelphia became capital, capital moving southward, NY
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Unformatted text preview: Philadelphia 1791 Debate over establishment of National Bank-Andrew Hamilton wanted National Bank to manage the nation’s finances-Anti-federalists claimed the establishment of a National Bank was not in the Constitution (narrow view of constitution)-Hamilton justifies National Bank with elastic clause b/c bank needed for collecting taxes-Congress passes bill that enables Hamilton in 1791 to establish the 1 st National bank March 4, 1791 – Vermont, a free state, joins the Union as 14 th state from parts of New York and New Hampshire 1792 April 2, 1792 – Coinage/Mint Act-passed by recommendation of Alexander Hamilton-introduced $1 bill w/ gold and silver to back it up June 1th, 1792 – Kentucky, a slave state, joins the Union as the 15 th state 1793 February 14, 1793 – Fugitive Slave Law-Article 4, Section 2-$500 fine on anyone harboring escaped slaves-demonstrated power of southern politicians...
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History Chapter 10 Notes - Philadelphia 1791 Debate over...

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