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History Chapter 11 Supplementry Text - Robert Wu Period 5...

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Robert Wu 2/23/09 Period 5 US I AP – GL 1- The “three-fifths” clause is better understood as a product of the struggle for political power rather than a product of racism. Even though the three-fifths clause is, in its very nature, racist towards Africans Americans, it also demonstrates compromise between southern and northern politicians as well as between the Federalists and Democratic – Republicans. The passing of the three-fifths clause demonstrates compromise between the North and South, whereas the enforcement of the three fifths clause demonstrates the orderly election of a president among Federalists and Democratic – Republicans. As a result of the 3/5 clause, Thomas Jefferson replaced John Adams as president and claimed the election of 1800 was a revolution in that Democratic – Republicans were the “people party” but not in the sense of massive popular upheaval or violence. In fact, the election of 1800 manifested itself as a peaceful transfer of power, a remarkable achievement for its time and age. 2- John Marshall’s famous Bank decision proved unpopular in many parts of the country because his decision strengthened the Supreme Court’s power at the expense of the two other branches of government. His decision enabled the judiciary branch in deciding whether an appeal was constitutional or not, or essential judicial appeal. A highly centralized government is necessarily antidemocratic because the federal government gains power only when the states lose power. Yes, it is consonant with democracy for Marshal to hand down Federalist decision although he was a Federalist. Marshall represents the Federalists main voice in central
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History Chapter 11 Supplementry Text - Robert Wu Period 5...

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