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QSRP Quiz 3 Name (please print): Date: There are five questions and five pages. Answer all questions. You may consult your class notes and the book only (i.e. no collaboration among peer students) , and you may also use a calculator if you wish. Please show all of your work . Answers without justification will not receive credit. If you get stuck while answering a question, please write down your reasoning and tell me what prevented you from finishing it. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR GRADE. The purpose of this test is to tell you on which skills, if any, you need to improve. Question 1: Calculate the integral Now, compute the second part of the integral using the following substitution, 1
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Thus, Question 2: Find the area of the region between the curves y = x 2 and y = 4 – 3x from x = – 1 to x = 4/3. A careful drawing of the graphs of the two functions will show that the line is above the parabola for x between -1 and 1; and the parabola is above the line for x between 1 and 4/3. So the area is the integral of (4 – 3x) – x
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QSRP_Quiz3_Solutions - QSRP Quiz 3 Name (please print):...

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