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SOME IMPORTANT DISCRETE PROBABILITY DISTRIBUTIONS 1. Thirty-six of the staff of 80 teachers at a local intermediate school are certified in Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). In 180 days of school, about how many days can we expect that the teacher on bus duty will likely be certified in CPR? a) 5 days b) 45 days c) 65 days d) 81 days 2. A campus program evenly enrolls undergraduate and graduate students. If a random sample of 4 students is selected from the program to be interviewed about the introduction of a new fast food outlet on the ground floor of the campus building, what is the probability that all 4 students selected are undergraduate students? a) 0.0256 b) 0.0625 c) 0.16 d) 1.00 3. A probability distribution is an equation that a) associates a particular probability of occurrence with each outcome in the sample space. b) measures outcomes and assigns values of X to the simple events. c) assigns a value to the variability in the sample space. d) assigns a value to the center of the sample space. 4. The connotation "expected value" or "expected gain" from playing roulette at a casino means a) the amount you can "gain" on a single play. b) the amount you expect to "gain" per play in the long run over many plays. c) the amount you need to "break even" over many plays. d) the amount you should expect to gain if you are lucky. 5. Which of the following about the binomial distribution is not a true statement? a) The probability of success must be constant from trial to trial. b) Each outcome is independent of the other. c) Each outcome may be classified as either "success" or "failure." d) The random variable of interest is continuous. 6.
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