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Professor J.A. Hynes Rm 261 Kaneff Office Hours: MW 2:30-4:00 email: hynes@chass.utoronto.ca DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO AT MISSISSAUGA EC0322Y, History of Economic Thought, 2009 -2010 Course Outline TEXTS: Ekelund, Robert B. Jr and Robert Hébert, A History of Economic Thought and Method , 5 Edition, Waveland Press, Long Grove, Illinois. (Hereafter, HET. ) Class notes will be th distributed on a regular basis. The remaining readings are on reserve, or copies will be distributed. There is also a resource text that discusses the art of writing: Deidre McCloskey, Economical Writing , 2 Edition, Waveland Press, Long Grove Illinois. This is a short but nd excellent source written specifically for economists. COMMENTS: The course begins with a short introduction to the philosophies of science. This provides a frame of reference for the study of the history of economic analysis which follows. Following the discussion of methodology, there will be a brief discussion of the precursors (primarily the Mercantilist through the Physiocrats) to Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations (1776)). Although, you will want to read HET chapters 1 and 2. The Wealth of Nations is the founding text of modern economics and is the beginning of the classical period. Throughout the course, the discussions will use the historical developments to illustrate fundamental principles of economic theory: the history will be utilized to illuminate economic theory. The course is defined to be writing intensive: more than 50% of the grade is assigned to written material. Writing skills have payoffs far beyond this course. Therefore, to focus on the writing component, term examinations have been eliminated and replaced with short ( one double spaced type written page ) summaries of articles. The latter are basic items on the reading list and will be distributed. In addition, there will be two narrowly focused term papers that are to be at most 6 pages in length. These are to be submitted at the end of each semester. The topics for the papers will be assigned. The topics will be taken from core materials and will be similar to take home examinations. PREREQUISITES:
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outline - Professor J.A. Hynes Rm 261 Kaneff Office Hours:...

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