Outline For September 25th 2006

Outline For September 25th 2006 - For Next week I would...

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Outline For September 25 th 2006 1. Number 1 at the Weekend Box Office vs No 7 at the Weekend Box Office Both had mediocre reviews? Who does one do fine – the other suffers? 2. What Amazon Book jumped from No 1257 to Number 1 Factoring Book Publishing A Case Study – Joggling Board Press First Book is Second Boat House Cookbook Marketing In two weeks I will be out. For next week I would like everyone to come up with questions for my absent session. I will set up 1 hour appointments at as many galleries, or record stores in town. Venture Capital Hand Out Review
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Who Buys art? Why? I suspect there are two types of Galleries. The first are Artist Owned Galleries where the Artists has gone into the gallery business because he has an established clientele and recognizes that the 40% Commission is covered by the cost of doing business. The other is the traditional gallery where several artists are represented – and the Gallery Owner simply picks up the slack and humiliation of representing the artist.
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Unformatted text preview: For Next week I would like 5 questions to help round out this survey? How do you get new customers through the gallery? Ads Press Releases Direct Mail Openings What Legitimizes an Artists work to customers Local Exhibition Regional Exhibition National Exhibition What are 5 magazines or Newspapers you think would be read by you average customer? What are 5 TV Programmes owned by you Average Customer? Who buys art / or music needs to be addressed as follows: Economic Bracket Education levdel Do other collectors in town influence sales? Seasonal Christmas Post Tax Season Religious Event Purchase of a home Gift for a new home? Other Events: Spoletto, Ducks Unlimited, Conferences? Do patrons of Art see an art purchase as An Investment Status Informed Art Consumer Who is not a potential customer? Price Range of Art Sold...
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Outline For September 25th 2006 - For Next week I would...

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