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article of film marketing unsung heroes - U-Press Telegram...

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Sheet1 Page 1 U-Press Telegram - FILM Site Search Enter search term Advanced Search HOME FILM Features Reviews Summer Preview On DVD / Video Video Games U Be the Critic Review A Movie Movie Showtimes GOSSIP LIFESTYLE DINING FOOD TRAVEL HEALTH MUSIC STAGE TV HOROSCOPES INFO CROSSWORD ABOUT US EMAIL ARTICLE LINK TO ARTICLE PRINT ARTICLE Article Published: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 - 1:33:42 PM MST Rick Rekedal, head of toys and interactive at DreamWorks, shows one of the stuffed figures that are part of the promotional drive for "Shrek 2." (Evan Yee / Staff Photographer) OTHER ARTICLES IN THIS SECTION
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Sheet1 Page 2 06/04/04 - World War II's big guns - Worthy of promotion - Of the first rank - Not the same old tricks - D-Day DVDs, and more - Movie mentor picks up his student's gauntlet - Act now H hoops later? - Family flix Believe the hype By Valerie Kuklenski Staff Writer When Major League Baseball agreed to put "Spider-Man 2" images on bases in all the stadiums as a way to hype the release of the expected blockbuster, purists balked. Their protests stopped the plan, but major league parks still will be inundated with promotions for the movie around the time of its release on June 30. While you may go to the cineplex because of a favorite star, a friend's recommendation or a critic's favorable review, the odds are that you've already been softened up. With films costing hundreds of millions of dollars, it is ever more important to have a big opening day. And who's softening you up? It's small creative shops barely known outside ±ollywood such as Aspect Ratio, Poster Child, Gas Station Zebra, Trailer Park, Midnight Oil and the Ant Farm. They cut together theatrical trailers and TV commercials, plaster two-dimensional promos on every flat surface in town from bus panels to brick walls, devise Internet come-ons and work up joint advertising campaigns with other companies - all with the goal of putting millions of behinds in movie theater seats. They celebrated their industry's best work recently at the 33rd
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article of film marketing unsung heroes - U-Press Telegram...

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