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Entrepreneurship Syllabus

Entrepreneurship Syllabus - ARTM 360 ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN...

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ARTM 360 – ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE ARTS Fall 2006 Professor: Classroom: Class Time Office Hours: Peter Wentworth 408 Bell Building M 4-6:45pm By appointment Phone: E-mail: ARTM website: (843) 884-1946 [email protected] http://www.cofc.edu/artsmanagement COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will explore the challenges of entrepreneurism and the arts. Focusing on fundamental components of development, production, and distribution students will learn the balance of art and commerce. Students will be required to draft and present an arts based business plan drawing from case studies, guest lecturers, assigned readings and independent research. Guest speakers will provide professional insights from the music, publishing and film industries. PREREQUISITES: ARTM 200 – Introduction to Arts Management COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course provides the student with an overview of the creation, operation, and distribution phases of an arts for-profit venture. Understanding of historical developments in the motion picture, music, and publishing industries from assigned readings and lectures. Understanding and application of synergies among development, production and distribution phases through projects. Ability to identify and analyze realistic market potential to cost of production and distribution. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Students must adhere to the college honor code. (http://www.cofc.edu/ StudentAffairs/HonorBoard/HonorBoard.htm ) TECHNOLOGY: WebCT, the College’s web-based course tool, is an important component of this course and you will need to check it regularly (at least Twice a week). Your ID# for WebCT is your SS# and your password is the same as the one you use for Cougar Trail. Additional readings and assignments are assigned through WebCT. Students are encouraged to explore the use of technology during this course to aid in learning. For general help with your technology needs, visit the College’s new student support desk (http://www.cofc.edu/studentcomputing ).
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