APSC 150 Case 1, Tutorial 2

APSC 150 Case 1, Tutorial 2 - APSC 150 Tutorial 2...

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APSC 150 Tutorial 2 Appropriate Technology –A Case Study Collecting Fog on El Tofo In this assignment we will study the social aspect of implementing a new technology, and the role that social factors play in the success or failure of a new technology. In this assignment, we will read a case study and identify: The need for community or social involvement in the implementation of a new technology The strengths and weaknesses of an engineer’s approach to implementing technology This assignment is to be completed in a group and submitted at the end of the tutorial. Total marks: 4 1. First consider the role of the community in the project. a) How was the community involved in the development of the fog collecting project? What effect did this involvement or lack of involvement of the community have on the project? (0.4 marks) b) What were the short-term benefits to the community of Chungungo? What problems came up in the long-term? (0.6 marks) 2. Now consider the role of the engineers and organizations involved in the project. a) What were the initial goals of the project? How did this original intended use affect the outcome? (0.4 marks) b) List the different groups/stakeholders involved in this project. (0.5 marks) c) How did the number of groups affect the project? (0.1 marks) 3. As a team of engineers in charge of this project, how would you have approached the project differently? In your group, discuss strategies for ensuring long-term success of the project. Describe your top five strategies in your answer. (1 mark) 4. The importance of appropriate technology is not limited to developing countries. Social aspects of technology or engineering design also need to be considered in Canada. In your group, name five technologies or engineering designs that have been taken from their original purpose, intended audience, or context, and modified or adapted to fit and reflect a new social context. What changes had to be made to the original technology to make it appropriate for a new context, and explain why the changes might have been made. (1 mark)
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Collecting Fog on El Tofo Stephen Dale In the early 1990s, the global news media became entranced by a small town in northern Chile that started drinking the fog. Newspaper reporters and television cameras were drawn by the site of the giant mesh collectors that trapped droplets of fog drifting in from the coast. Those droplets — which coalesced as an average of 15,000 litres of water a day — were piped down from the El Tofo Mountain for use in the formerly parched community of Chungungo. The technology worked well and the increased water supply helped to transform the town. In fact, the project served as a prototype and there are now fog catchers or collectors providing water to communities in other areas of the world.
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APSC 150 Case 1, Tutorial 2 - APSC 150 Tutorial 2...

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