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Marking Guide for the APSC 150 Engineering Failure Report The failure report is marked twice: once for English usage and once for technical content. Each time, the report is marked out of 10, then combined equally for a total of 20 marks. A mark of “F” on the English usage component of the report grade indicates an unacceptable level of English usage. A grade of “F” will be interpreted as 4/10 for the purpose of calculated an overall grade. It also serves as a warning that more care is required in the future around English usage. The following is a table of grades given for various parts of the technical component of an engineering failure report.
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Unformatted text preview: Description Complete and concise 3 Most major points covered 2 Some significant points missed 1 Minimal Reasons for Failure Complete and concise 3 Major reasons covered 2 Only direct causes mentioned 1 Missed the point entirely Lessons to be Learned Relevant to this failure and widely applicable 3 Relevant to this failure but narrow applicability 2 Vague generalities only 1 Lessons not drawn from this failure Illustration Relevant 1 Hard to read or not relevant to the text 0.5 Not present or not relevant Penalties Excessive length-1 References Internet sources only-1...
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