Applied Science 150 - Engineering Case Studies

Applied Science 150 - Engineering Case Studies - Applied...

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Applied Science 150 - Engineering Case Studies 2010/11 – Term 1 Introduction The practice of engineering involves applying scientific and technical knowledge, common sense, and experience to solving problems of practical significance for people. During this course, you will learn about engineering practice by studying specific engineering projects in lectures and laboratories, and by participating in 4 meta-skills workshops designed to enhance your professional skills. Objectives By the end of this course, you should be able to: · Begin integrating your knowledge of the core competencies within engineering, including an understanding of societal context, ethics, communications, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and economics; · model simple engineering problems in order to address key issues of engineering projects; · describe specific examples of engineering design; and · list a range of engineering challenges and opportunities available across the engineering disciplines. Course Description The course is divided into four distinct three-week case studies. Each case consists of a series of lectures and 5 associated laboratories. You will also attend 4 metaskills workshops. These workshops will be held during your laboratory time. Case Studies Each case is based on the expertise and experience of a different faculty member. The faculty member will give you lectures on the case, and ask you to work on associated assignments during your laboratories. Case 1: Not just technical skills - Things I wish I knew when I was a student 9 Sept – 28 Sept (Nobo Yonemitsu from Civil Engineering; email: ) Case 2: Chemical Reaction Car 30 Sept – 19 Oct (Muhannad Al-Darbi from Chemical and Biological Engineering; email: ) Case 3: Separation of minerals by froth flotation 21 Oct – 9 Nov (Marek Pawlik from Mining Engineering Forward; email: ) Case 4: Advanced Materials for Commercial Aircraft Structures 16 Nov – 2 Dec (Anoush Poursartip from Materials Engineering Forward 113; email: )
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Laboratories Your laboratory is lead by a faculty member. A teaching assistant who is a graduate student will
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Applied Science 150 - Engineering Case Studies - Applied...

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