IRONY_chart_modified_for_ELL - of Victory(Paragraph 20...

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Stephanie Fernandes “The Story of an Hour” Kate Chopin (1894) EXERT ELEMENT EFFECT Springtime (Paragraph 5) Symbolism The new, exciting life that Mrs. Mallard thinks is awaiting her. Patches of Blue Sky (Paragraph 6) Symbolism Emergence of her new life. Revealed in half-concealing (Paragraph 2) Paradox Contradictory statement Storm of grief (Paragraph 3) Metaphor Comparison made between the two unlike things, describing the storm and grief without using like or as. S ong which s omeone was s inging (Paragraph 5) Alliteration Repetition of a beginning consonant. She carried herself unwittingly like a goddess
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Unformatted text preview: of Victory (Paragraph 20) Simile Comparison using like. Joy that kills (Paragraph 23) Paradox The phrase is also ironic, since the doctors mistakenly believe that Mrs. Mallard was happy to see her husband alive. The opening sentence of the story foreshadows the ending Foreshadowing Hints that Mrs. Mallard’s heart condition will affect the outcome of the story. This sentence also makes the ending believable. Without an early reference to her heart ailment, the ending would seem implausible and contrived....
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IRONY_chart_modified_for_ELL - of Victory(Paragraph 20...

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