philosophy test 1 - Explain the four steps of the Principle...

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Explain the four steps of the Principle of Double effect. The first step is it intrinsically must not be evil, no harm to innocents. Second step is that no evil must be ever intended by the action. Next step is that the good must come before or at the same time as the bad, never after. And lastly, the good of the outcome must out weigh the bad. If an action passes all four steps then it passes the principle of double effect. How do questions of law, morality, and ethics differ Law questions deal with what actions are legal or illegal in the city, state, ect. Where morality is weather an action is considered good or bad, virtues like charity are considered objective goods. And vices such as miseriyness and cowardice are objective bads. Ethics is where that action is determined to be right or wrong. If the outcome of an action is a virtue then it is right, if it produces a vice then its wrong. Explain the role of positivism in scientific ideologies Scientists believe that if it cant be tested, proved or falsified, then it is not worthy of study. So if you cant test it, it is therefore not science. Like ethics since it is not testable it is not science and that’s why the haven’t used ethics in science all these years. How can religious and political views impact scientific research Religious and political views shape what knowledge and information is given to the public. Politically if countries have disagreements they may not accept another countries discovery, eg OKAZAKI fragments
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philosophy test 1 - Explain the four steps of the Principle...

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