Confessions Of David DeAngelo - The Secret Files

Confessions Of David DeAngelo - The Secret Files - DATING...

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DATING TIP: Confessions Of David DeAngelo - The Secret Files D ------------------------------------------------------------ >To ADD yourself to this no-cost newsletter, just go to: > h If you have received this mailing in error, or do not wish to receive any further mailings from us, simply go to the end of this email where you can be automatically excluded from any future mailings. ------------------------------------------------------------ - ***THE JANUARY Double Your Dating LIVE! Seminar in Los Angeles is right around the corner. Make sure you reserve your seat now! y WOW, did I ever get a lot of emails back from that email I sent out last week asking for suggestions! I As I'm reading through them, one of the things that a lot of guys mentioned was how much they like stories and specific examples. s Sooo, I'm going to do something in this newsletter that I almost NEVER do. .. I As a Happy New Year, I'm going to share with you part of a real-life conversation that I had with a woman online in the past. This is something that I've never shared with ANYONE before (so feel special and loved). A It's a small part of a bigger conversation, so keep that in mind as you read it. i This little chunk of conversation is a great example of a hard time. .. and it shows how this particular girl was responding. r Read it, and then I'll comment on it. .. HER: you remind me of the boy on the playground who pulls the girls pigtails t ME: The one you always liked? M HER: i dont like too many boys H ME: Yea, but you liked that one M HER: and especially mean ones H ME: And you LOVE me M HER: nah they never pulled my pigtails H
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i scare boys H ME: That's because you always dressed like a boy M ME: And they mistook you for one M HER: nah its because im smarter than them H ME: Hm M ME: Maybe that's why I'm so intimidated by you M ME: And scared to pull your pigtails M HER: oh yeah you're intimidated alright H HER: NOT H HER: the only reason im talking to you is because youre not afraid of me a ME: Oh, but I am M HER: the ones that live in fear of me bore me H ME: I'm scared M HER: you suck at lying H ME: Shaking, really M HER: oh geez H HER: dont every go into acting H ME: Don't every go into spelling M NOTE: This is the EXACT text from the ACTUAL conversation. No modifications were made at all to the text. Only the names have been modified to hide identities. h OK, so who was this girl? She was an actress and model, and a high-achiever as well. She was beautiful, intelligent, and SHARP AS A TACK. w In other words, I wasn't dealing with an average girl here. I was talking to a woman who was IN DEMAND, AND SHE KNEW IT. (Most women know at some level that they're in demand, by the way. This one just happened to be particularly sassy.) p How would an average guy who was online chatting with random people have handled this? Probably like so: r
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Confessions Of David DeAngelo - The Secret Files - DATING...

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