David DeAngelo - DATING TIP Best Conversation Topics For Dat

David DeAngelo - DATING TIP Best Conversation Topics For...

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***THIS WEEK'S QUESTION*** Dave, In one of the newsletters I received a couple weeks ago you gave the advice to someone to learn 'what topics fascinate women.' I found this newsletter specifically interesting because ive found myself in this same situation were when im on a date things get quiet and I cant find anything to say. I know you have already recommended a good book on comedy, "comedy writing secrets," but what is a good book explaining how to tell stories? And, what are some topics that fascinate women? Any help would be greatly appreciated. M.G. Gainesville, FL. >>>MY COMMENTS: This is a great question. There are really two very different (and important) aspects to the "conversations with women" topic: 1. The HOW. 2. The WHAT. THE HOW Most guys want to know "what to talk about" with women. It only makes sense that you should talk about things that women are interested in. .. right? Well. .. partially. It is actually FAR MORE IMPORTANT to talk about whatever topic you're talking about in the RIGHT WAY. In other words, if you don't understand HOW to carry on a conversation that creates ATTRACTION, then it really won't matter WHAT you talk about. .. because the woman you're talking to won't FEEL anything towards you. The HOW of conversation includes (but is not limited to): -Your body language -Eye contact -The Cocky & Funny style of communicating -Flirting -Sending mixed messages -Directing the conversation -Dealing with common questions and topics
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...and many other things. My point is that if you're running into a lot of "uncomfortable silences", nervousness, and other usual challenges, then you probably need to get the HOW handled before the WHAT. (I recommend my CD Audio Series to get this handled, by
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David DeAngelo - DATING TIP Best Conversation Topics For...

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