David Deangelo - Double Your Dating - Advanced Series Notes - Summary

David Deangelo - Double Your Dating - Advanced Series Notes - Summary

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Disc 2 Persona & social masks. Social masks hide the real self. The “I’m too good for you” look that models give on cosmo covers is a social mask. if you want to ‘be yourself’ that’s fine, but first you must get past that SOCIAL MASK through c&f/teasing Disc 3 External behaviour + Meaning assigned by us = our beliefs If a belief is limiting you, challenge and change the meaning assigned to it! Reframing limiting beliefs: Reframe the external behaviour Reframe the internal state Counter-example (new way of thinking about it) Outcome framing (what’s going to happen if you keep thinking this way?) Allness framing (apply as a complete generalization to everything Reflexively apply to self or listener Chunk down (HOW does this happen specifically? How did you come to the conclusion/belief?) Life isn’t fair, you won’t get a fair anything. If life WAS fair, then you’d just have to accept your place in life and not do anything about it. LIFE’S NOT FAIR, AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. THAT’S WHERE ALL THE POWER COMES FROM. Two keys to success in anything: 1) Definite Major Purpose and Constant Improvement 1) When you become PURPOSEFUL, it redirects your mind. New doors open 2) Consistent effort CREATES luck. Betting on luck is a really bad game; instead figure out how to GET your own luck. YOU are the only one who cares about your success. More often people want to see you fail, especially if you’re doing better than them. Live for YOU. MASTERY—The land of the Big Boys Newcomers always want to learn the sexy tricks. Learn the fundamentals and MASTER them before applying fancy techniques in any field. ASSERTING YOUR REALITY UP FRONT
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WHOSE REALITY IS IT? By asserting YOUR reality as the more dominant one, you assume control of the situation in any interaction. “This is MY reality here, and you’re a guest. If you don’t like it here, you can leave.” BELIEFS of successful men I don’t let women use their looks or sexual power to gain anything from me. There are no special privileges. I’m un self-conscious and couldn’t care less about what others think. I put myself and my life first. I deserve, have permission to date, and can hold an exceptional woman I’m indifferent to the outcome I understand the culture, I get it—style, food, movies, Cosmo, etc I’m a good communicator—especially of what I want I’m in control, and I don’t let outside events destabilize me I’m not needy, I keep my power for ME I think sex is great, and I don’t have any hang-ups about it I can control myself and I can wait. I don’t need to take action right now I don’t tolerate disrespect to myself, my time, or my property I’m a catch I judge people based on CHARACTER, not possessions or outward physical appearance I may be smitten with a woman but I don’t tell her early on, and I don’t let it slip indirectly Reference/Mastermind group Surround yourself with people who are LIKE the way you want to be! And surround yourself
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David Deangelo - Double Your Dating - Advanced Series Notes - Summary

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