David DeAngelo - Mailbag - ...it's almost like they're humor

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - ...it's almost like they're...

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12/12/2001 This week I'm going to try a new format: One question, and one answer. The difference between this and past newsletters is that I'm going to go into detail with my answer, and hopefully give you one great, solid idea to work with. Here goes. .. This Week's Question: David, I recently just bought your e book. I am an entrepreneur and took the day off to study your book(s). I was laughing in amazement through the entire book. Before I had bought your book, i had taken my sister out to dinner to interview her about some of your ideas (from the newsletter) and to also get insight into women "players". I used her ideas and yours to approach and get, two numbers from two attractive women. Thank you! On to my question, I had set up a date with my younger sisters friend that we hadn't talked to in 10+ years. After contacting her, she was very flirtatious and sent some semi-sexy pics on line. She lived in [another state]. So when I flew in for business, I had set up a night for us to go out. So when we met, I was kind of weird (the last time i had seen her was when she was 11 yrs old). I started teasing her and she looked at me like "What the hell did you just say?". So I kept on teasing and kept getting those looks (like she was confused and shocked and did NOT like it). She didn't respond to the teasing very well, like I had anticipated. So it was an weird situation. I wanted to know is there any kind of a "back up" plan if the teasing doesn't work? Also does this work in certain parts of the country and not others? This girl was from the east coast and east coast girls are a little more uptight than southern girls. I also wanted to Thank you because I have been in relationships all my life as the
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - ...it's almost like they're...

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