David DeAngelo - Mailbag - A man that is too easy is just no

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - A man that is too easy is just...

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11/05/2001 Welcome to another Weekly Mailbag. There are some great stories, comments, and questions in this one (as usual), so have fun! ***QUESTION*** "I have a question that's been bugging me for a while. The question is this: if you've been absent from the dating game for a long time, or if you're highly inexperienced in the field to begin with, do you think that it's your obligation to be forthcoming with the girl and let her know this? I have been out of the game for 10 months, and I'm getting a bit self- conscious about that fact. I'm afraid that if a potential match knows this, she may be convinced that there's something wrong with me. And if you're not going to come out and divulge this information, what do you do when she asks? It seems like if you don't come out and say it, it looks later on like you've been hiding something. What do you think, oh great Oz? An interested reader, J." >MY COMMENTS: I think that you're WAAAAAAYYYY too concerned about this. As a rule of thumb, anything that you're self conscious about will come across as a weakness. Weakness is not attractive at the beginning of a relationship. If she asks how long it's been since you were on a date, just say "Well, does my mom count?" Just be funny and move on to something else. If she insists, say "It's been 11 months, I'm celibate right now for religious purposes." Keep her guessing and whatever you do, don't come across as WEAK. ***COMMENT*** "When i subscribed to this news letter, i did it strictly for humor, but what you say to do works like a charm. its never been this easy to pick up women. thanks a million." >MY COMMENTS: No problem. I'm glad it's working out for you. It's funny because it sounds so simple, and in reality it's really not that hard. It just takes a little bit if attention and practice. ***QUESTION*** "Your mails are very interesting and I find it very useful. But I got a question. I recently started a relationship with a lovely girl and I know she likes me a lot, but somehow I can't seem to make her fall for me. Sometimes I get the feeling that she'll get tired of me and just leave. This girl is very special and I don't wanna lose her. WHAT DO I DO?! Any feedback will be helpful. Oh, and the hair thing before u kiss, ingenious!! Thanks, Y." >MY COMMENTS: Can anyone else out there relate to this one? I surely can. Here's the deal: It's human nature to become paranoid when we get into a situation that matters. If it was just any girl, you probably wouldn't care. .. and you'd act cocky and funny, and generally do everything right. But because you REALLY LIKE this girl, you're nervous and unsure of yourself. This often leads to weak, unattractive actions which actually drive a woman away. Think about it. I would recommend that you do whatever you have to do to CHILL OUT about this situation. Don't call her for a couple of days. Think about what she's going to look like when she's 80 years old and wearing depends. I know what it feels like to find a really special girl, but
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - A man that is too easy is just...

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