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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - Approaching Women In Different Si

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - Approaching Women In Different...

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12/19/2001 ***THIS WEEK'S QUESTION*** Hi Dave, I'm glad you put together this newsletter because it's so helpful and awesome! But anyways, I have a couple questions if you could please help me. Number 1, I have your book and follow your stuff and I LOVE IT...to say the least. I've noticed though, that a lot of your stuff dealing with first encounters and pickups seems to be best fit for the club/bar scene which is great and everything, but I'm wondering how you go about doing pickups in regular places, like a supermarket, store, or coffee shop for instance? What suggestions do you have for meeting women here and how would you personally approach a women in these circumstances? I mean, after a conversation has progressed, I can see how the cocky and funny will work but I wondering about the first encounter if you could help please. Second, I see that one of your biggest suggestions is seeking out other successful guys in your area and hanging with them and learning from them. My problem is even though I live in a huge college campus area with PLENTY of women around and lots of stuff to do, I can't find any other guys in my area who I can go out with and kick some a** with. Most of my family and friends are back home and I haven't really made any close guy friends that I can hit the clubs/bars with here (the ones I do have are just nerds who want to stay home and just drink only). I mean I can go out by myself but I like having a wing with me-it's funner that way! I really agree with you though about the importance of this and I was wondering if you any suggestions on how to find other guys who you can go out and chase tail with? See...why can't you live closer to me damn it!! Thanks for everything Dave and I hope you have more success in the future because you've helped bring that to a lot of people. Sincerely, F. ***MY COMMENTS*** First of all, I want to point out that the ideas in my book and bonus materials are not designed for meeting women in clubs and bars only. Most of my personal success with women, and most of the success of my readers happens in more "normal" places like coffee shops, bookstores, schools, parties, and even online. I think that
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