David DeAngelo - Mailbag - Cocky and funny is the answer

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - Cocky and funny is the answer -...

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01/29/2002 This week contains some of the best stories and funniest content I could imagine. Enjoy! ***QUESTION*** "Hi Dave! I used your email close twice now and it worked like magic both times: once with a statuesque black woman, the other with a cute Asian. Yeah! One was in a bookstore, the other in a cafe: I chatted for five minutes, started leaving, then asked for email. But what do I at a party where I'm likely to stay for at least an hour? Pretend to leave, get email, then stay!? What's the strategy here? C." >MY COMMENTS: Isn't it amazing how easy it is to get an email address from a woman you've just met? I didn't believe it myself at first. .. Well, it sounds like you have quite the diverse taste in women. .. glad to hear that my techniques cross all racial and cultural boundaries. If you're at a party, the strategy is: "Well, it was nice talking to you. .. I'm going to get back to my friends. .. [turn away]. .. Hey, do you have email?" Then get her email and go back to your friends. If she starts up a conversation again with you, you now have all kinds of options. Think about it. And if you or she leaves early, you can still contact her later. Nice. ***QUESTION*** "Hi, I bought your book and its been money well spent as far as I'm concerned. The email/phone approach works like magic; I have never, ever gotten a phone number in a bar before, and now I can! Also the "are you touching me" line you mention in your book is a real winner. And all the general advice about body language, attitude, its all working. So now I'm wondering if you can provide some advanced know-how. The sort of girls I like are the blonde, high-maintenance "Los Angeles" looking babes, and they seem to be the hardest for me to succeed with. Any suggestions on what I should be doing to attract them? What look I need to have, methods of approach, things to say, whatever. .. (To explain where I'm coming from, I'm tall (6'2"), thin but cut, average looking, run my own business and make good money. I try to be both funny and arrogant but am usually more funny than arrogant. My style is goatee, black turtleneck, khakis, black loafers.) Thanks in advance for any extra tips you can provide! A." >MY COMMENTS: Lease a Mercedes 500SL, get a big gold chain, pretend to be a big-time producer, and make references to your "connection". The problem with the type of woman that you're describing is that WOMEN DON'T ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE THIS IN REAL LIFE. EVERY ONE OF THESE WOMEN IS TRYING TO COMPENSATE FOR SOMETHING! And it's usually something like, oh, self esteem, insecurity, lack of attention from a father figure, a neurotic need for approval. .. you get the picture. If you want a fake woman, then be a fake man. Your other option, of course, is to TURN UP THE MAGIC COCKY+FUNNY FORMULA TO THE MAX. You're going to have to see her fake beauty and raise her an arrogant attitude unseen since Ali. Try it. If it isn't working, turn it up. You're probably asking for trouble, but since you asked. .. ***QUESTION*** "Hi Dave, Great book! It
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - Cocky and funny is the answer -...

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