David DeAngelo - Mailbag - Hey, what are you doing RIGHT NOW

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - Hey, what are you doing RIGHT...

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01/06/2002 Welcome to the first Mailbag of 2001! And is this one ever interesting. You might want to crack open something cold to drink, cuz this is a long and fun one. .. enjoy! ***QUESTION(S)*** "Hi Dave, Can't thank you enough man. I have read your book several times over as well as your tips/mailbag e-mails. Also thanks for your previous responses to my e-mails. The mailbag ideas are awesome - gives me ideas and also makes me think of aspect never thought of. I have been practicing your techniques for a while now and boy are they paying off. Women are now asking ME to get together to hang out instead of me asking them. Before I used be just "nice" and girls did call me "nice". I always was able to keep conversations going but I never attempted to tease them! Now with the newfound cocky/funny attitude I bust on the ladies all the time. One girl got so interested me she started asking a lot of questions. Remembering your tip to refuse answering any questions related to career and home I told her "Listen girl, I refuse to answer those questions to strangers, what if you are a stalker?!" I accused her of being a stalker among many things. At the end of the night I said "You seem nice - I think. I might even actually consider getting to you as a friend" She was like "what? You are not sure yet?!" Told "As long as you are nice, I can let you be my friend, but I need more time" Boy did that throw her off! She really digged me after that and kept on asking me out. I have numerous such similar encounters already and I am seeing payoff thanks to you! Couple questions though: 1. What do you do in cases when you approach woman, say hi, make a wisecrack, and then she suddenly is snatched by her friends before I get a chance to get her e-mail. 2. I have done the friendship frame to all the ladies I have gone out with. Just got question - what do I say when they talk about other guys? "Oh that guy who walked in is so hot!" I usually respond "oh that girl next to him is hot! What does this mean when they say this? Does it mean she doesn't see me as hot material or she is just playing? (BTW I didn't get a chance to do the kiss test on the girl who made the comment) 3. On complimenting. What if you genuinely want to point out a positive quality she has? At what point is appropriate to tell her. Also is appropriate to tell a lady on second date, if she is wearing a dazzling, sexy outfit - that she looks nice? Would appreciate the feedback. Thanks, A." >MY COMMENTS: All great questions. .. #1: If her friends snatch her up, you have to make the call. .. I personally like to say something like "Hey!" She'll say "Yes?" You say "What is your phone number? I have a good memory " If you've been funny and charming, there's a good chance she'll say some numbers. Make sure you have a pen with you to write them down with when she walks away! I know it sounds a bit unreal, but this will work some of the time. .. and look at it this way: You have nothing to lose. So try it a few times. #2: If she starts talking about other guys,
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - Hey, what are you doing RIGHT...

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