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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - How To Overcome Your Natural...

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01/10/2002 Well, I didn't expect the response that I got to the last Mailbag! I've had all kinds of people writing in to comment about the letter from the upset woman that I included. .. And, interestingly enough, all of the emails that I've received have been very supportive. This week I'm going to address this whole topic by answering one of the letters, and giving you some tips to help you overcome some of the social programming and other limiting issues that come up when it comes to being more successful with women. So here's one of the many emails I've received (this one is more of a comment, so I guess this is really a "comment and answer"): "David, This is an e-mail from your most recent mailbag I felt I needed to comment on. [Excerpt from her letter]: ". ..You're also wrong that telling a woman she can't have what she wants will increase her attraction to you. That's abuse pure and simple, Dave, and I'm completely outraged that you're encouraging guys to treat women like that. .." [Excerpt of my response]: It is NOT abuse to refuse to give a woman what she wants. This is the kind of thinking that, unfortunately, most of us guys confront when we take women on dates, and the woman EXPECTS us to pay. In your model, if I don't pay, then I'm an abuser." It seems that a good 85-90% of women are raised with the mindset that the guy pays for the date or he is a looser. The mere fact that I have to buy a book and learn how not give women what they want has brought me to an shocking reality. Your book is pretty much teaching men how to think like a woman! How to treat women how they have been treating us for thousands of years! I can see why you get the occasional e-mail from the enraged woman. Women don't like the fact that if all men stop drooling over them, come to their senses and realize we don't really need them, they are just an "added bonus" in life the human species will become extinct! Mentally you are breaking down human instinct by programming the male mind to realize he does not need sex (changing what millions of years of evolution has created), and in turn boosting confidence which actually results in more sex! I finally found out what women's little secret is. Society
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - How To Overcome Your Natural...

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