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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - How To Start Conversations...

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03/13/2002 ***QUESTION*** "A friend sent me one of your newsletters 6 months ago and since then I've seen my understanding of women, and thus confidence with, soar. I went from no real experience with women to 2 GFs in those short months by keeping the power and being cocky and funny. If all I'd seen was the advice from chicks I would probably be a monk by now. However, I'm really into fit women and see a lot of prospects at the gym who I don't know how to approach because they're wearing headphones. Getting their attention once is okay, but more than that is lame and you become just another schmuck. How to make your op count? Timing is also essential because I don't want to stick around after getting the data." MY COMMENTS: Oh, you poor, poor dear. You've gone from no success with women to two girlfriends in six months, and you're already saying things like "However, I'm really into fit women. ..". A man after my own heart. Just don't try The Kiss Test on me. .. As for your situation, I think you should walk over to one of your gym super-babes with the headphones on and say: "Can I ask you something?" This will get the head phones off. .. "How is this butt-firming machine working for you?" (Even though it's obvious to you how it's working, it's still a great opener) Then, after 2 minutes of talk, say "Thanks, I'm going to get back to my workout." Finally, before you leave, walk back over to her and say "Do you have email?" and go right through the 3 Minute Email technique. Then leave. That should do it for you. ***QUESTION*** "Look when i tell women i like them they start to blow me off and ignore me and it seems that when i be nice to a girl they step all over me so should i be mean instead?" MY COMMENTS: A friend of mine once went to the doctor and said "Doc, it hurts when I do this (lifted up his arm above his head)". The doctor casually said "Well don't do that anymore." STOP TELLING WOMEN THAT YOU "LIKE" THEM, GIRLY MAN. Look, women KNOW that you like them. If she's even half way attractive, she's going to assume that you like her. Attractive women know that any man in her life would jump in the sack with her at any time if she wanted it to happen. Telling a woman that you "like her" is the kiss of wuss. Instead say "I like you. .. you're a nice friend." That will have a totally different effect. And no, don't be mean. Mean is worse than too nice. You need to get some confidence, and act Cocky and Funny with women. Tease them and play hard to get. And while you're at it, do download yourself a copy of my eBook. You need it. ***QUESTION*** "David, I have always had my share of success with woman but I was not always sure of what worked so it was hit and miss. So I bought your book and I changed only two things, my posture and the way I move. Since then I have had several women comment on my confidence, I have had women that I have barley met walk over and hand me there phone number with demands that I call. Within six weeks I met around 40 women with very little effort on my part, I have always been a
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - How To Start Conversations...

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