David DeAngelo - Mailbag - I made it happen ON CUE

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - I made it happen ON CUE -...

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10/08/2001 Two quick things before we get to the Mailbag. .. 1) I'm not a relationship or marriage counselor, I'm not Dr. Ruth, and I'm not Dr. Laura (thank God). Please restrain yourself from asking me how to fix a relationship that's gone bad, or from asking me long, complex questions about how to effectively cheat on your wife! (I'm saying all of this tongue in cheek. .. but I really am starting to get a ton of questions that are not on the topic of how to be more successful in the dating world). 2) To the 6'4" guy with the sportsman's build. .. would you believe that I've gotten several emails from WOMEN who are saying things like "tell him that most women will be able to understand and will like him anyway" etc. One of them even wants to chat with you by email because she's, gasp, interested in you(!). So email me again at: SuccessStories@DoubleYourDating.com </cgi-bin/redir.cgi? mailto:SuccessStories@DoubleYourDating.com> and tell me your email address again so I can send you her email address. (I would normally never do something like this, but this one was too good to resist). OK, on with the Mailbag! ***QUESTION*** "David: Love your newsletter and I look forward to every issue. I have no problem meeting women in all sorts of different situations (Having a cute little dog is such a magnet) but after I break the ice I often stall and am forced to end the conversation without getting a number or moving forward in a positive way (go for coffee / drinks etc.). After a few minutes (10-15) I always come up with a great idea to get past the stall/brain fart but it does me no good because the moment to act has past. Is this just lack of experience in this type of cold pick up or is there some thing I can do to make these great ideas come out during the conversation instead of 10 minutes too late. Thanks for your help. JT" >MY COMMENTS: You're a dog yourself, using your poor helpless animal to attract women. .. but I think I like it. What kind of dog is it? Kidding, kidding. .. First of all, do yourself the favor of having something to do, and saying "Well, it was nice talking to you, but I have to go buy some dogfood. .." Then, after saying bye, turn back and say "Do you have email?". Only talk for a minute or two, and GET THE DIGITS!!! Then when you have time, think about what to say. Next time you meet you will be more prepared, and by always being the one to end the interactions, you become MORE ATTRACTIVE. ***SUCCESS STORY*** "Through reading JUST your newsletter I have actually accumulated more numbers than I ever have. .. I used your ideas of being cocky and funny when meeting a girl and I was amazed to see that it actually worked! So I decided to try it out a little more. Getting a number in 3 minutes is absolutely NO problem. Maybe the idea of mystery in a guy is what makes it so effective. A little advice of my own to share to all the guys out there. I've learned from talking to girls and watching guys strike out that unless you have a lot of money, or a perfect body most girls don't like the same cheesy, "Yo baby
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - I made it happen ON CUE -...

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