David DeAngelo - Mailbag - SHE'S GOING TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE U

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - SHE'S GOING TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE...

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10/30/2001 First, I've gotten a lot of email relating to last weeks' letter from the guy who was saying that all of these stories and questions that I print are fake. Most of it was support, etc. from fans and from the people who originally sent in the testimonials. I want to restate one point: None of the questions, comments, success stories, or testimonials I print are fake. These are real emails that I get from real people. I know that sometimes some of the stories and testimonials seem almost too good to be true, but they aren't. They're all real. Next, more women have been writing in to share their comments and perspectives. Probably my favorite one of all time is in this newsletter - from a lesbian (and yes, it's all real. ..). Thanks, ladies. Onward. ***QUESTION*** "Now I was skeptical about your book, and planned to ask for a refund if it didn't do anything for me. But after reading it i'm impressed. All that looking around the internet, newsgroups, even buying dating books didn't seem to help. But your guide explained IN ENGLISH and LOGICALLY what is going on. Thank you. I have one question. ..you never mentioned what to do if after you go to coffee with them they mention they have a boyfriend. I mean some girls honestly seem to think you just want them as a friend. .. Am I not being funny enough or not sending enough mixed signals?" >MY COMMENTS: There are two basic interpretations of this situation. One is that they do, in fact have a boyfriend, and two is that they aren't attracted to you and are just using it as an excuse. I don't usually buy the idea that a woman will meet you for coffee or dinner without mentioning a boyfriend. .. I mean, there are exceptions, but most women will mention it up front if you're asking them out. So I'm going to guess that you're doing something during the time you spend with her that gives her that "this guy isn't romance material" vibe. Try being even more cocky and funny, and tell her that she's going to make a nice friend FIRST. Beat her to it. Let me know how this works for you. ***QUESTION*** "Hi Dave, Well im turning 22 tomorrow and Im going to be spending my birthday alone yet again. Not once have I ever had any women attracted to me, 22 soon and I have never kissed a girl and I am still a virgin. Needless to say I do not have an attractive personality, yet I am in great shape as I work fulltime in a warehouse as well as the family farm. So basically I am a worthless excuse for a man, only guy in my grad class without an escort at the prom, and Ive never ever been on a date in my life either. I have been told many many times by girls I know that Im "too nice", "no fun", "boring", etc etc etc. Granted I live in a very small town in the canadian north and there isnt much to go out and do, other than going to the bar which I detest. Any advice would be welcome. cya B." >MY COMMENTS: First of all, how do you know that no women have ever been attracted to you? Your problem isn't in the real world, it's in your imagination. You need to
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - SHE'S GOING TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE...

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