David DeAngelo - Mailbag - STOP BEING A WUSS... And Other Pr

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - STOP BEING A WUSS... And Other...

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03/01/2002 ***QUESTION*** "Hi, Thanks for your inspiring tips, I'm putting them to the test every day in my interactions with women. Playing these games might be effective, however, I'm curious concerning an important aspect - if you "click" instantly with someone, is the use of games (even if you don't like the term) necessary? Best Regards, J." >MY COMMENTS: Your question is interesting to me because you keep using the word "game" to describe the techniques. My question to you is "What is a game and what isn't?" It took me a long time to realize this (I was pretty dense in this area for a LONG time), but attractive women play games almost ALL THE TIME when you first meet them. And if you think about it, THEY HAVE TO. What would you do if you were a woman and you had men approaching you several times a day, every day, week after week, month after month, year after year. .. YOU'D LEARN HOW TO USE SHORTCUTS (translated: GAMES) to filter out the exceptional guys from the not-so-exceptional ones (translated: ATTRACTIVE GUYS from the WUSSES). The games that I teach are what I would consider to be useful in almost every situation. If acting like an attractive man is a "game" to you (in other words it doesn't come "naturally") then keep playing the game. It's better to play the game and keep the woman than not play the game and not keep her. Check your personal values when in doubt. ***QUESTION*** "ok, i'll be brief. What do you do when you meet a woman who you cant get out of your head because you fall in love with her and you want something more with her which is not just a friendship? I've tried showing her what I feel, I tried ignoring her for some time, i tried send flowers and poems since st. valentines, but I dont know what to do. I'm too shy to tell her verbally that I love her. What should I do?" >MY COMMENTS: Go Here: http://www.doubleyourdating.com/ebook/ </cgi-bin/redir.cgi?http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi Hint: ACTING like a woman isn't the way to ATTRACT one. OK, that was harsh (but funny). .. I mean, really. .. what are you thinking? Click the above link for help. And on second thought, I take back my comment. You weren't really acting like a woman. Women usually give up a lot sooner. .. ***COMMENT FROM A WOMAN*** "Maybe you should make sure all employer's pay women the same as men before you send out information like this. I don't believe you have talked to enough women or maybe any. ................. because what your saying is not what the typical "normal" day to day women think or feel. ........... your method would definitely the guy off my list in a flash and he wouldn't have time to "funny or "cocky". ............. that's definitely what women want is another "cocky" man. .............. NOT!!!!" >MY COMMENTS: Guys, let this be a lesson to you. If this is the kind of woman you're after, pay for dinner. Or raise her pay. Or both.
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - STOP BEING A WUSS... And Other...

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