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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - The Comedy Just Doesn't Stop

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - The Comedy Just Doesn't Stop -...

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12/16/2001 This week we have some great ideas, stories, questions, and best of all, COMEDY. Enjoy! ***COMMENT*** Hey Dave, I think your tips should come with a warning label: Girls might become obsessed with you...Use with caution. Last Saturday night I met this attractive girl. In my previous days, I would have been Mr. Nice Guy, thinking that was the way to win a girl over. But when I read your tips it all made sense. Teasing them, acting cocky and funny works wonders. She became mine in a matter of a couple hours, and when I used the hair test to see if I could make my move, it worked like a charm. I have always been above average looking, but have never been able to cash in on it. Now that I'm using your techniques in my personality, girls are not a big problem anymore. But, your tips worked too well my friend. She's become obsessed with me, (I don't know why), and can't stop calling me and saying how much she can't to be with me, blah blah blah. And she isn't the only one. Girls love the guys that make it difficult on them, especially the really attractive ones. Without your help I would have no idea where I'd be in my love life. Probably still bending over backwards to be Mr. Nice Guy, and probably still always being the "friend." MY COMMENTS: I'm really glad you wrote in with your comments, because this brings up a key point... IF YOU REALLY LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR PERSONALITY TO BECOME ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN, SOME OF THEM WILL BECOME VERY, VERY ATTRACTED TO YOU. And, in your case, it has gone to the extreme. As a side note, I have women that I haven't seen or talked to in over a year still emailing and calling me on a regular basis to see what I'm up to and if I want to get together sometime... I know how you feel. I know that this will seem like the obvious answer to your problem, but here it is: If what you're doing now has made this girl feel so attracted to you, all you have to do is act like your old self to make her go away! No, really. Just start calling her three or four times a day and leaving messages, tell her that you really like her and think she's special, and that you can't stop thinking about her. I know it sounds kind of bizarre, but try it. It's called "reverse psychology", and it works both ways. ***QUESTION*** "Hey Dave first I will like to compliment not only your book but the great advise that you give every week on the newsletters. I do have a question for you: I'm 24 years old, some girls say that I'm cute and also pretty smart .I go to school for engineering and I'm about to graduate in six months. However I have found myself helpless trying to pick up women. The reason for that is because I think that most of the time when I go out to pick up girls I usually go with my friends who are far more tall and rich and said by many women more attractive. Most of the time when we go out they usually end up getting all the girls while I just sit there waiting for next weekend to see if finally my break with a beautiful girl will finally come along. Do you have any ideas on how
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