David DeAngelo - Mailbag - The key is to never give up CONTR

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - The key is to never give up...

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11/29/2001 ***QUESTION*** "Hey Dave, I'd like to start off by saying how kickass this "Guide to dating" is. I don't think any of this stuff would have occurred to me if I hadn't read it here. But I've got an issue; I'm going out with this girl who I really like, and I started out being "Mr. Nice Guy", just like I usually am. But I think we're not going to get anywhere fast using this method, and I'm worried that if I suddenly change personalities then she'll think I'm a jerk when I be all playful and start cracking jokes at her. Have I messed up, or is there still hope? Cheers, B." >MY COMMENTS: The beauty of communication is that you can TEST any part of it. Why not try teasing her about something and calling her a "brat"? See how she responds. If she gets that cute "Ohhh, so this is how it's gonna be?" look on her face, then you know you're barking up the right tree. If that works for you, then move on to advanced maneuvers like giving her a hard time about something like her clothes. .. lol. .. Remember, the key is to never give up CONTROL. If you have no tension, then there will probably be little ATTRACTION. Have fun. ***QUESTION*** "I READ UR BOOK, COULDNT PUT IT DOWN. ... Dave i just wanted to inform u of my gratitude for my investment in ur book, and i cant wait till the next one comes out. .. i have a question: how do u rekindle a relationship that went sour because of ill communication, solely based on physical attraction. Its been a month since we hung out and im still stuck on her. ..i know pathetic huh. .. since then she's playing all these mind games because i see her on regular basis but its just really weird between us. .." >MY COMMENTS: Well, if I knew how to fix relationships that are already over I'd be rich. Just imagine what I could charge for the knowledge? OK, back to reality. .. The most important thing for you to do is MOVE ON with your life, start dating other women, and avoid her for awhile. Make it a point to end your conversations with her quickly, always have something to do, and generally act disinterested. This will do a couple of things. .. It will help you get over the needy state that you're in, and it will also cause her to see you in a new light (namely, someone who isn't a puppy dog and has gotten on with his life). This combination has a kind of magical way of making women all-of-a-sudden start to feel attracted to you again. .. ***QUESTION*** "Dear David, Using your techniques of flirting and teasing has helped me with many different women. I notice it even works when I am not trying to pick someone up. Recently I met a girl through a friend. I starting flirting with her heavily. I felt the chemistry between us and I continued to pursue her-constantly flirting and teasing her. We have gone out once and I have gone over to her apartment several times. She lets me massage her feet and we joke around. My problem is that about five days ago she just stopped returning my calls. I only talk get to her if she is the one answering the phone at her apartment. I'll ask her out and she always says she is busy. This has
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - The key is to never give up...

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