David DeAngelo - Mailbag - We nearly got banned from the pub

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - We nearly got banned from the...

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09/17/2001 ***SUCCESS STORY*** "First of all thanks for a superb newsletter and making guys feel at ease about the ins and outs of attracting women THEN doing something to keep her interested. Success. I've received your newsletter for the past few weeks and was lucky to have the opportunity of a date with no strings. We were friends anyway off the net and nothing was expected romantically. Ideal We met and I used your 'cocky humor' method with outstanding success. Conversation just flowed, usually it doesn't as I get all nervy and you may say nerdy. We arranged to meet again soon as she was travelling back home a couple of days later. The second date was even easier as the ice was well and truly broken and I complemented in the right places due to what I have learned from your 'lessons' so far. Ran my fingers through her hair and told her that if she fancied a man in the future she should just literally grab him -- hey presto -- guess what happened !!! We nearly got banned from the pub with the sexual explosion . ..haha. So, thanks again mate, M." >My Comments: Nice. ***QUESTION*** I work with a woman that I am very attracted to. we talk to each other and have exchanged phone numbers. We are on the "friend level" right now, in fact I told her straight out I am attracted to her. She told me she thinks we should be friends, but I really like her a lot and I don't give up so easy. I usually flirt with her and tell her I will take her to dinner. She never declines and often smiles at me and says o.k. One day she called me and said she wanted to come over so she did. We watched a movie together and I got the courage to touch her hand. She didn't give me a negative response, so I held her hand. She held hands with me and rubbed my thumb. I didn't make a move on her though, because she told me she only wants to be friends. She left that night, but I didn't kiss her. now I don't know if I should try to take the relationship to the next level or try to be friends. She is usually very friendly to me and I cant read if she is interested or not? When I talk to her on the phone she doesn't say anything that would indicate her interest. I just don't know what to do? >My Comments: You need to take advantage of the opportunity and use the Kiss Test! If you've read my book "Double Your Dating" then you know about my idea of "Bridges" and "Critical Moments." You need to keep taking things to the next level when you get into these situations! ***QUESTION*** "I'm not a bad looking guy and I meet a lot of women and they all at some point in the conversation they bring up their "boyfriend". Many times later on I find that this boyfriend either doesn't exist or is really an ex. You get the idea? What is the best way to get past this point in the conversation? K." >My Comments: If this is happening to you more than 50% of the time when you meet a new woman, then it's probably something that you're doing to cause them to want to make an excuse. Most likely, it's your body language, approach, etc. Keep
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - We nearly got banned from the...

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