David DeAngelo - Mailbag - What To Do If She's Not Intereste

David DeAngelo - Mailbag - What To Do If She's Not...

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05/21/2002 ***QUESTION*** Hey D, I couldn't believe what i just saw on the new Star Wars 2 movie. Anakin Skywalker returned to see Queen Amidala after 10 years of being apart. He acted very nervous and said that she looks beautiful, of course she rejected him harshly. Later, he stared into her eyes and smiled and she said "Don't do that again, it makes me uncomfortable," which is the 2nd rejection. Finally they are in a room together and he tells her that he has had feelings for her his whole life, that he dreams of her, and he is being tortured inside because he likes her so much. ....at this point i was laughing to myself thinking "wussy boy is going to be rejected the third time." however, i was surprised when she kissed him and said she has feelings too. So my point is that I'm glad you're helping us guys out because most people would think "wow, maybe i should do everything that Anakin did," but we know that telling your feelings to a girl is a definite no no. that movie was very misleading since Amidala fell in love with Anakin when he did such a stupid thing as confess his feelings. Thanks for showing us the real truth! MY COMMENTS: Ah, the wonderful movie fantasy world. You know, there are so many movies that would be great examples for men, except for the fact that they all end very unrealistically. They always start out with the guy doing all the right things, being cocky and funny, presenting a challenge, and generally being ATTRACTIVE. .. Then, at some point towards the end, this guy who was doing all the right things all of a sudden gets the bright idea to start sharing his feelings, and acting like a totally Wussy. Of course, in the movies the woman that he's confessing his wussy feelings for somehow sees the light and falls for him. Sounds like in this one (which I haven't seen yet because I was soooo disappointed at the last one. .. Jar Jar Binks has to be the biggest mistake that Geoge Lukas has ever made in his prfessional career) started out all bad as well. .. Some great movies that would so SO KILLER and show such awesome examples of how things really work (without the wussy endings) are: The Tao Of Steve, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Cruel Intentions, Top Gun, Chocolat. .. and about forty seven million others. I just can't recommend them because the male leads always figure out how to do the wrong thing at some critical point in the movie, and it somehow always leads to the woman liking them. .. which, of course, would never happen in the real world. Whatever. ***QUESTION*** You are the Man, That is what I would like to let you know first off. Your dating theories are dead on target. What you have done is simplified thousands of methods most men already knew about but were to stupid to figure out on our own while they were working for them all along(me being one of them). I am like these guys who finally woke up and realized what it is that worked. "Cocky and Funny" Playing hard to get, etc. I have a situation, I really like this girl I have been seeing
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David DeAngelo - Mailbag - What To Do If She's Not...

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