David DeAngelo - One Default Thing To Do In Any Situation

David DeAngelo - One Default Thing To Do In Any Situation -...

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ONE DEFAULT THING TO DO IN ANY SITUATION One of the concepts that I really think is valuable to get a handle on is called "Always have one default thing to do in every common situation." It's amazing to me when I watch a guy interacting with a woman, and everything is going well. .. and then it's time for him to either step up and make something happen, or walk away like the wussy he is for NOT taking action. .. ...AND HE JUST DOESN'T DO IT! Ohhhhhhhh I hate it when that happens. I'm sure you've never had this happen. Neither have I, of course. I was out yesterday at the cell phone store getting a new phone (because a certain company who's name starts with "S" has the worst customer service on the planet). .. sorry, I digress. .. and I witnessed a painful episode of "Wuss Drops The Ball" right before my eyes. A tall, blonde model-type girl was waiting to get herself a new antenna for her phone, and Mr. Smooth started a conversation with her by saying "What kind of phone do you have?" The conversation was going along well, and they were both smiling and laughing about phones and such. Finally, Ms. Model walked up to the counter and got her new antenna, then said "good bye" to Mr. Wuss-Of-All-Time, who proceeded to smile dorkily at her and wave as she walked out of his life forever. He just watched her walk all the way to the other end of the store, out the door, and out of sight. You've probably seen the "I'm SUCH a loser" look. Well, he had it. IT WAS GOING SO WELL FOR HIM! WHY DIDN'T HE JUST ASK HER FOR SOME INFO? EMAIL? NUMBER? ANYTHING! He had that look in his eye of "Damn. I really should have just asked her for her number." Twenty bucks says that he thought about that girl all day long, and imagined 47 different great things that he SHOULD have said in the moment - but didn't. The only reason I'm so sure of this is because I used to do this exact thing myself all the time. And now I know that many, many guys go through scenarios like this every day - but never get any positive results because they're not READY TO ACT IN THE MOMENT. 1
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For some strange reason, many guys feel compelled to come up with some UNIQUE and ORIGINAL way to handle every situation. And you know what that usually leads to. .. (right, a date with Rosy Palmer and her 5 sisters). So what's the answer? The answer is to have ONE DEFAULT THING TO DO IN EVERY COMMON SITUATION. One way to start conversations with women. One way to ask for emails and/or phone numbers. One way to take things to a physical level. One place to go out with a woman. .. ...etc., etc., etc. ... I can hear it now: "But David, it sounds kind of corny to ask every woman for her number the same way. .." I get it. I used to feel the same way. But here's the deal: If you will just take the time to learn and prepare ONE simple way to
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David DeAngelo - One Default Thing To Do In Any Situation -...

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