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SEXUAL COMMUNICATION Series (Summary) By David DeAngelo of www.doubleyourdating.com Disc 1 Don’t ask, LEAD. Attraction is nature’s way of taking over our bodies long enough to mate with someone with good genes. There’s a difference between ATTRACTION and AFFECTION. A woman may feel affection for you (LJBF), but it doesn’t follow that she’s also attracted. The Paradox of Sexual Communication: When it comes to attraction, many of the “rules” of human communication are reversed. Sometimes pursuing will make someone run, while retreating will make them pursue you. Being nice to someone won’t always cause them to react nicely to you. There are 4 steps to successfully seducing a woman: Step 1 Sparking the Attraction Step 2 Building Sexual Tension Step 3 Amplifying the Attraction Step 4 Physically Advancing Sexual Tension Sexual Tension is a combination of various things: -Body language -Humour -Teasing -Subtle word plays that HINT at liking someone while actually being very interested in them -Playing hard to get Women are much better at interpreting, receiving, and sending subtle body language. Most women understand sexual tension very well. An exercise to eliminate limiting beliefs: 1) List 10 beliefs you have about your ability to attract women sexually.
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2) Next, think about where those beliefs came from. 3) Take the negative ones, the ones that aren’t serving you, and come up with a list of situations where each belief hasn’t held true. Learn to doubt your own negative beliefs. 4) List the beliefs you’d like to replace the negative beliefs with. Make a list of 10. 5) Turn the list into 10 affirmations Present tense and positive Write them out every day As you write them, imagine the kind of success that’ll flow from each belief as you adopt it Recommended reading: Body Language by Julius Fast. Focus on Chapter 7, “The Hidden Language of Love” Disc 2 Women are attracted to certain traits. Women will test you and challenge you to see if you have these traits. If you start failing these tests, the tests will become tougher and more intense, and her attraction for you declines. Confidence is the LACK OF INSECURITY. Dominance is not being DOMINEERING. Dominance means being a leader; domineering (control-freak) belies insecurity. Dominance/domineering, control/controlling. You can be both selfish and generous at the same time. Being selfish isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It means that you expect the best for yourself and you don’t sell yourself short. Composure/unflappability: Always keep your cool. Being selective, and communicate that you’re selective. Not just with women, but with all things in life. Don’t settle for crap! Be judgmental: Don’t overdo it, but the more you comment on other people, the more
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David DeAngelo - Sexual Communication (Summary notes) -...

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