History Notes - 2/10/10 D. The major organizations and the...

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2/10/10 D. The major organizations and the unmanaged workplace: American federation of Labor (craft unionism/ led by Samuel Gompers_; the Knights of Labor (“industrial” unionism/led by T. Powderly); the International Working People’s Organization (self-defense and the “Chicago Idea”) E. The campaign for a mass movement to win the 8-hour day on May 1, 1886; the groups try to cooperate; the success and limits of the May Day Strikes—Why May 1 -In 1883 the conservative craft union meets at a convention and says starting may 1 st 1886, no working person will have to work more then 8 hours in a working day -essay contest in which kids say what a 8 hour day means to the kids -may 1 st =1. Day when contracts were signed to figure out money for summer, 2. Moving day, everyone’s leases expires. 3.day when fortune tellers told people who they were going to marry F. “Then there was blood”: more Chicago violence, a bombs at Haymarket Square and matrydom for Albert Parsons and others; the narrowing of tin men’s dreams -On May day 80k people went out on strike, may 2 nd a couple 100k, may 3 rd a couple million on strike, grows, several 10k people win working day by May 3 r -may 3 police kill the strikers, create fear that the unions cannot protect workers -IWPO Call demonstration, a bomb is thrown into the police-following day, 8 people were killed by crossfire by police, Hay Market Square -8 leaders are jailed by conspiracy because they talked about self defense -Parsons escapes to WI, realizes he cant stay away, cant live as interracial couple and be safe, comes to court room and asked to be tried with his friends, Nov 11, 1887 Parsons and 5 are condemned to death “Let the voice of the people be heard”(only nonimmigrant killed) -Tin men movement was crushed after haymarket, wrote last love letter to Lucy, saying he goes to death knowing great things will happen, 10k people went to burial Scarcrows unite: The populist movement and the People’s Party I. Imagining a powerful movement of farmers, beliving themselves able to remake the whole society. Imagine: the most Radical U.S. places as (Kansas (See Wizards of Oz), Texas, and Oklahoma; Fiddlin’ J. Carson singing “the Farmer is the Man II. Farmers’ nightmares: railroad rate (and grain elevator monopolies); deflation and loss of land and the “crop lien system” i -Value of currency in the united States in late 1800, dollars became more and more value dreams; , but if your in debt, the currency deflated, scrounge to pay more and more for debt, lost land and became
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share-croppers, “crop lien system”-Merchant would accumulate more debt then he had made-further and further into debt III. The spectacular 1880 growth of a mass movement for farm cooperatives in the poorest areas; S.O. Daws, Tom Watson and the Farmers’ Alliances; pooling dreams; self-education (straw men and brains)
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History Notes - 2/10/10 D. The major organizations and the...

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