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Business Organization Checkpoint Bus 210 Sharonda Shelton There are different forms of business organizations are clan, tribes and slavery, joint-stock company, limited-liability companies, multinational companies.Fuedalism is a business that has evolved in which one class of people, aristocrats, control, the property rights to all valuable resources, including people. Mercantilisms are a system in which merchants and bankers organize the trade of the product across markets and countries until they put to their most value. Capitalism business or economic system in which capitalists or industrialist privately owns the physical capital of industrial production and use it to produce trade and distribute products. One business scenario that I think that fall under joint-stock company is a
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Unformatted text preview: corporation such as Citigroup. Limited Liability companies offer limited liability to its owners. Also, they have limited liability for the corporation’s debt and obligations. The scenario of partnership is one who shares the profits with each other and has an understanding that the profits are split and the decision making should be agree on among the partners. The sole proprietorship is that the owner of the business is responsibly for the company’s debt. Say for instance if I chose to open a car wash business and did not have anyone else invested in my business and the business did not do so well at first. I would solely have to take the loss of debt myself....
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