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Business Models and systems Checkpoint Sharonda Shelton Bus 210 T he local business that I have chosen is Wal-Mart. It has the combination of commerce, occupation, and organizations that create production and distribution of goods and service people needs. Wal-Mart provides mostly every food product there at a lower price than its competitors. Also, has electronics, clothing, housewares etc. This business has everything that you need. The business is created to make your shopping easily. The stores are big and clean and very attractive. Wal-Mart has created many values towards people in our society. The company has created many business occupations for a large number of people in our society. They make sure their employees have the abilities to
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Unformatted text preview: serve the customers in the correct fashion so; they will continue to use its service. To me their system has a common goal is to keep their prices low and affordable. Make sure that they keep quality goods and provide services to allow people to increase its satisfaction. This company has generated many business opportunities in our town. Many corporations want to move near a Wal-Mart so they can have access to many of their resources. Some of their main competitors are Target and Kmart when it comes to their super centers. To me this company has all three business components which apply to the business model and system. Big as Wal-Mart is they trade, barter and exchange goods to meet the public needs....
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