Quiz #2.AttemptOne

Quiz #2.AttemptOne - ISDS QUIZ#2 1 The assembly line is a...

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ISDS QUIZ #2 1. The assembly line is a classic example of a repetitive process. T/F 2. Successful process redesign focuses on departmental areas where small, continuous improvements can be made. T/F 3. Which of the following characteristics best describes repetitive focus ? a. It is too expensive when volumes are low or flexibility is required. b. It uses sophisticated scheduling to accommodate custom orders. c. It is widely used for the manufacture of steel. d. Its output is a standardized product produced from modules. e. Its costs are often known only after a job is done. 4. Capacity decisions are based on technological concerns, not demand forecasts. T/F 5. Which of the following is not one of the four approaches to capacity expansion? a. Lag demand with incremental expansion b. Lead demand with one-step expansion c. Average capacity with incremental expansion d. Lag demand with one-step expansion e. Lead demand with incremental expansion 6. Fabricators, Inc. wants to increase capacity by adding a new machine. The fixed costs for machine A are $90,000, and its variable cost is $15 per unit. The revenue is $21 per unit. The break-even point for machine A is a. $90,000 dollars b. $15,000 dollars c. 15,000 units d. 90,000 units e. Cannot be calculated from the information provided
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7. A hospital emergency room always follows a first-in, first-queue discipline in the interest of fairness. T/F 8. Study of waiting-line models helps operations managers better understand a. Service systems such as bank teller stations
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Quiz #2.AttemptOne - ISDS QUIZ#2 1 The assembly line is a...

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