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biochem test3 08 003 - 17 Some enzymes have attained...

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Unformatted text preview: 17). Some enzymes have attained catalytic perfection. Enzymes that fall into this category have , a. KM is greater than Vmax/Z 13. km; of infinity c. nag/KM which is less than 10'8 M‘s1 d. kcaJKM which ' less than 108 M‘sI hmiis ”as: _ =1.0, 1.5, 2.0, etc.) are characteristically a. Perpendicular b. Coincident on the Y-axis at INmax . .. Diverging e. Approaching Vmax in an asymptotic fashion 19). What downstream product of ATCase acts as a feedback inhibitor? a. ATP — WWW; PW b. UTP c. GTP d TTP 20). An inhibitor would be most promising as a drug candidate if it had: a. KI=4.7 x105 M {7b. K1: 1.5 XIOSM d. K;—4.7x10 M7 e. KM=4.7x105M a. (KI-HID b. (KIM/[ID ‘ 1X’ M, +E}__3_.\ c. ([I]+1/ 14,) e. (MK/[1]) 22). What is the half-life of a first order reaction (tyz) with a rate constant of 1.155 x 10‘3 sec]? 1 ' - ' a C. d. 1000 min 6 v " fl—d f M '3 9: \L \. 155i 1 0 ‘ 23). Which is the most stable conformation of a pyranose sugar? a. Stem ' ‘10“) b. Twist boat c. Boat 5-; e. Envelope 10000min bl w f 11913 : foOObQL ...
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