Exam1 - Cell Biology Cell Biochemistry BIOL 4374 BCHS 4313...

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Unformatted text preview: Cell Biology / Cell Biochemistry BIOL 4374 / BCHS 4313 Exam 1 Sep 14, 2009 Read each question carefully . Chose the single best answer to each of the following questions. In some cases, key words are emphasized in bold italics font Correct answers are indicated in red 1. Which of the following statements is(are) true? a. The University of Houston Cougars defeated the (formerly) 5 th ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys by a score of 45 to 35, demonstrating that “The Cat is (indeed) Back”. b. The Cougars delivered over 500 yards of total offense, watched in horror by a stunned crowd of over 50,000 Cowboys fans in Stillwater, OK. c. The Houston win represents their first victory over a top 5 team on their home field in 25 years. d. The Houston Cougars deserve to be ranked among the top 25 teams in the Nation. e. All of the above are true (this is the correct answer, by the way). 2. Which of the following is the most studied eucaryotic model organism in Cell Biology? a. Escherichia coli d. Arabidopsis thaliana b. Mus musculus e. Caenorhabditis elegans c. Saccharomyces cerevisae 3. Which of the following is NOT one of Prof Rea’s “5 Essential Characteristics of Living Cells? a. Capable of protein synthesis b. Bound by a lipid-rich plasma membrane c. Capable of movement d. Capable of autonomous replication e. All of the above are on Dr Rea’s list 4. The University’s own Dr George Fox proposed the “Three Domain Evolutionary Model” based on which of the following? a. the nucleotide sequences of ribosomal and transfer RNAs b. the tertiary structure of certain proteins c. the ability of organisms to tolerate extreme environments d. differences in the phospholipid composition of membrane phospholipids e. the fact that three (3) is considered a lucky number in many cultures 5. Which category of molecules comprises the largest percentage of the dry weight of a typical animal cell? a. Inorganic ions b. sugars and precursors c. nucleotides and precursors d. fatty acids and precursors e. macromolecules 6. Which of the following amino acids is uncharged at neutral pH? a. aspartate d. arginine b. glutamate e. lysine c. glutamine 7. The Endosymbiosis Hypothesis seeks to explain the origin of which of the following organelles in eucaryotic cells. a. nuclei and mitochondria b. chloroplasts and mitochondria c. mitochondria and Golgi apparatus d. mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum e. none of the above 8. The smallest intracellular feature that can be resolved by microscopy using visible light is … a. mitochondria d. secretory vesicles b. ribosomes e. Golgi apparatus c. microtubules 9. The apparent change in the angle of light as it crosses the air-water interface is called … a. reflection d. contraction b. refraction e. retraction c. diffraction 10. In an inverted light microscope, which lens group is located between the light source and the specimen?...
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Exam1 - Cell Biology Cell Biochemistry BIOL 4374 BCHS 4313...

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