AREAS TO STUDY - b siRNA c piRNA d snoRNA 6 Mutations a...

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AREAS TO STUDY 1. Prokaryotic Gene Regulation a. Lac Operon, Ara Operon b. trp Operon, Attenuation 2. Eukarytoic Gene Regulation a. Epigenetic Silencing – X-inactivation, imprinting 3. RNA editing 4. Riboswitches and ribozymes 5. Non-coding RNA a. miRNA
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Unformatted text preview: b. siRNA c. piRNA d. snoRNA 6. Mutations a. Types versus location in relation to gene 7. Large chromosomal changes 9. Microarray technology Know the basics 10. Next Generation Sequencing technologies a. 454 b. Solexa/Illumina c. SOLiD...
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