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Youth paper final

Youth paper final - Sara Hussein 5 October 2010 Sociology...

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Sara Hussein 5 October 2010 Sociology 127 A Youth Dominated Society (Essay #5) Botox, face-lifts, and anti-aging claims on every beauty product are all just a few examples of how the infatuation with youth has slowly crept its way into the American society. When commercially defined beauty is what we see every time we flip a channel on a television or a page in a magazine, it is to be expected that the average middle aged or older man or woman will feel an inferior blow to his or hers self-esteem. This leads to an even greater hunger for the alteration of one’s self to fit a youthful, seemingly more beautiful image. Why? Because our society tells us that everything younger is better. We are a culture driven by the search of superficial beauty and are constantly seeking that mythical fountain of youth. This notion of youth being so admirable would be fine, preferable even, if we were an impossible culture consisting of only young people; however, with about 75% of the U.S. population being over 18 and growing, this ironic standard cannot last long.
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