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ACC/561 Accounting Week Six Content Outline: Performance Management OBJECTIVE: Evaluate how managers use control systems to achieve organizational goals. Resource: Ch. 9 of Introduction to Management Accounting Content Management Control Systems and Responsibility Accounting (in Horngren, Sundem, o Management Control Systems and Organizational Goals (pp. 386-388) OBJECTIVE: Compute return on investment, residual income, and economic value added. Resource: Ch. 10 of Introduction to Management Accounting
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Unformatted text preview: Content • Management Control in Decentralized Organizations (in Horngren et al.) o Measures of Profitability (pp. 433-435) o Economic Profit or Economic Value Added (pp. 435-437) Note: The information above is intended to help you complete your assignments. Be sure to read chapters in their entirety, as indicated in the syllabus. Additional information from sections not outlined above may be needed for classroom discussions. Page numbers refer to PDF versions of the textbooks....
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