30 mon - Better accounting methods Inventory control...

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18:34 Explaining Economic Development Sources of Productivity Growht o “Advances in knowledge that raised output or lower costs.”  Paul David (1989) – research on the electric motor and the assembly  line o Specialization and division of labor Allowing workers to specialize (according to skills + abilities) allows for  more output per worker o Realization of economies of scale ^ all inputs by x% > ^ in output of greater than x% Thus, the firms long range average cost (per unit cost) falls as output  rises o Investments in human capital Education + training Nutritition + healthcare o
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Unformatted text preview: Better accounting methods Inventory control Performance based pay & promotion • Institutions Matter (p17) o Institutions provide incentives that affect choice and can thus drive (or inhibit) economic development Stable and limited government Relatively peaceful domestic & international relations Predictable and relatively safe leadership even through change Secure money and banking system Laws establishing & protecting private property rights Incentive for invention and innovation (patent + copyright laws) Facilitate buying and selling Market-oriented economy 18:34 18:34...
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30 mon - Better accounting methods Inventory control...

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