30 Mon - 1860:1/6thofpopulation 1900:1/3ofpopulation...

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Architecture Suburbs Immigration 17:25 Room 221 – Movie in Le Conte Hall on Friday City as symbol of new America 1860: 1/6 th  of population 1900: 1/3 of population 1920: ½ of population Architecture transformed design 1880’s : skyscrapers Home Insurance Building was in Chicago 10 stories high o Lewis Sullivan focused on form that expressed its form. Woolsworth building in NYC in 1913 Tenements Dumbbell Tenements o Crowded, unsanitary conditions – shaped like dumbbells o Diseases were spread easily through these conditions Waste 2.5 million lbs of hourse manure/day in NYC in 1900 Dumped waste into nearest bodies of water Air Pollutions Pittsburgh – Glass factories, steel mills, refineries Suburbs
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Streetcar suburbs Separated residential and business sectors Stratified, segregated world Immigration European dislocations o Food shortages
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30 Mon - 1860:1/6thofpopulation 1900:1/3ofpopulation...

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