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Ch1. Data and Statistics Topics: 1. Dataset 2. Population and Sample 3. Data Types 4. Statistics HW1: 5, 11, 15 (similar to 13), 19, 21 Example: 1). One thing you might be interested in is “How many percent of students could pass her class” and “what is the average test score of her class”? If you want to find the answer without asking the instructor, what could you do? 2). If I tell you the average grade of my previous class is 75, and STD is 16, and I tell you’re my previous student grade follows a normal distribution, how many percent of my student got A, which is 91? The structure of the semester: 1. Basic concepts (Ch1); 2. Present data (Ch2); 3. Probabilities (Ch4); 4. Describe data and Measures of the data & a few distributions: Binomial distribution and Normal distribution** (Ch3, 5, 6); 5. Sampling (Ch7); 6. Draw conclusions on populations based on the sample: (Ch8-9) 7. Ethical guidelines in statistics Math Review: Factorial: The factorial of a non negative integer n , denoted by n !, is the product of all positive integers less than or equal to n . n!=1*2*3*. .*(n- 1)*n For example, 5!=1*2*3*4*5=120 where n ! represents n factorial. Note 0!=1(by definition)
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I. Dataset 1. Concepts: 1). Element: “unit”, the entity on which data are collected. 2). Variable: a
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Ch1Notes - Ch1 Data and Statistics Topics 1 Dataset 2...

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